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Discover the ultimate solution for your garage flooring needs with Thacker Enterprises. Our company specializes in providing top-notch garage floor coatings to enhance the durability and aesthetics of your garage space.

Thacker Enterprises was founded by Owner/Operator Jason Thacker in January 2019 with the vision to provide a variety of high-quality interior floor coatings for homes, garages, and businesses at a reasonable cost.
Our core values consist of honesty, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Clear and consistent communication combined with unparalleled attention to detail on every project puts Thacker Enterprises head and shoulders above the competition.
Finally, he is the guy you call should you have a question or problem. Seems like a lot to handle? Not for Jason! He loves being hands-on in the business and relishes the responsibility that comes with this tall order.

Why Thacker Enterprises?

There are many choices when it comes to choosing a floor coating contractor. Here in the Phoenix metropolitan area, there are a ton of companies that offer this service. It can be confusing when one company says the opposite of another, and they all claim to be right. Floor coatings are much like haircuts, you don’t appreciate a good one until you’ve had a bad one. Here are a few things to know about our company:

1) Jason Thacker is the owner/operator. He is the person you work with from the beginning until the end and beyond. In a booming economy, it is tough to find good, reliable help. Larger companies (like the one he left) are experiencing an exodus of talented workers who are choosing self-employment. What is left are crews who may be on their first day of the job, or worse, their last day!

2) We are experienced! You will probably struggle to find another individual who has prepared and coated as many floors as Jason and his team. In fact, Jason personally has over 25,000 hours of experience in the field and has applied over 2.5 million feet of coatings! There is not a scenario that he has not dealt with at some point in his career.

3) Our material supplier is local and stable! The relationship we have with our supplier, Technical Concrete Coatings, spans nearly a decade! The chemist has been formulating products here in the valley since the 90s. They are very familiar with the effect of climate and are honest with their customers about what the products can and can’t do. Many contractors are using products manufactured out of the state, and even the country. They buy these products from sales reps who are selling the lowest price and over-inflating the quality. Example: A supplier on the East Coast has been in business for eight years. They ship the product to AZ and the contractor backs the material with a 15-year or lifetime guarantee. Maybe the floor lasts a lifetime, but what if it doesn’t? Will the material sales rep jump on a plane, fly to AZ, and inspect your floor? Will the contractor still be using their product when problems arise, or will they be on to the next supplier who gave them a better price? Who backs the guarantee at that point?

4) We love what we do and plan on doing it for a long time! Aside from experience in the field, Jason has three distinct items on his resume which indicate a recipe for success. After high school, he attended college on a full scholarship for artistic ability. Next, he enlisted in the Navy and was selected to attend the Naval Nuclear Power program. This high-level education boosted his acumen and understanding of science and chemistry. His time in the Navy was shortened due to a car accident. Once he was discharged from the Navy, he moved to Arizona and began a career in sales. Jason started his first company in 2000 and grew it to over 40 employees! He closed that company on his own accord to pursue his burning desire to create art. He draws from all of his life, educational, and occupational experiences daily while still feeding his hunger for knowledge and understanding.

5) We have a family to support! Jason has been married to his wife Melissa since 2007. They have three children whom they want to provide the best opportunities in life. We never complain about work and, no matter how tired or worn out, always try to provide a positive example of work ethic, honesty, and integrity.

Ultimately, buying a service should not always be about the best price. Our objective is to listen to your needs, understand your budget and expectations, and provide a solution. We offer many different types of coatings, at varying price points, for many different applications.

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Two-Ply Solid Color with Non-Slip or a Sprinkle of Chips

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Three-Ply Partial Chip Broadcast

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